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Mark Roberts (
Wed, 09 Nov 2005 17:00:48 -0000

Garrett Wollman <> had written:

> In article <>, Mark Roberts
> <> wrote:

>> I can personally attest to 713-630 because that was used for the PBX
>> at KTRH radio, where I worked at the time. While most of the "public"
>> numbers for KTRH were standard JAckson numbers -- I'm pretty sure the
>> main call-in number was 526-5874 (KTRH) -- our internal extensions
>> were of the form 630-3xxx.

> Not uncommon.

And it is a practice not limited to broadcasting stations. A local
example in Oakland is a real estate agency in my area whose main
office line is 531-xxxx. In its corporate ads for real estate
listings, the agents for the individual listings are given a phone
number of 531-xxxx, ext. nnn. But in ads for the individual agents
(such as their open house of the week), they usually give their phone
numbers as 485-7nnn. Interestingly, 485 isn't a Pac Bell/SBC
office. This, too, seems increasingly common judging by the prefixes I
have seen in our neighborhood weekly whose primary means of support is
real-estate ads.

Of course, there is nothing these days to prevent routing an ILEC
number to a CLEC switch, but it is perhaps notable that the
established ILEC number is retained as a central point of contact even
as all the internal DID extensions are provided by the CLEC. For the
real-estate office example above, it would seem that 485-7000 would be
a perfectly serviceable main reception number, yet they've kept the
531-xxxx number.

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