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Re: NN0 Central Office Codes

Garrett Wollman (
Wed, 9 Nov 2005 19:24:39 UTC

In article <>, Fred Goldstein
<> wrote:

> If there was ever an Allston CO, it was gone many years ago.

I don't think so. It's located on the short diagonal street behind
the gas station at the corner of Western and Harvard. Now it's
probably just a remote wirecenter on the Brighton CO.

(When I lived in Brighton, I also had an ASPinwall (617-277) number
and Brookline ZIP code. This did not result in lower insurance rates;
the insurance companies have maps that show where the town line lies
-- as do the city and town parking offices. The other important
Brookline exchange you didn't mention was BEAcon (617-232).)

> The 617-931 choke exchange is listed in the LERG to the Cambridge 02T
> tandem, a DMS-200. It's one of two tandems in VZ's 210 Bent St. CO
> (the other is a 5E; a 4E next door, at 250, has been
> decommissioned). If MIT still gets its dial tone from VZ, it comes
> out of Bent St.

MIT has its own 5ESS and has for a long time (it was one of the first
5E's sold to a non-telco customer). There's a project on now to
figure out what to do about it before it comes up for renewal next in
a few years' time.

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