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Re: Old Chicago Numbering

Jim Stewart (
Tue, 01 Nov 2005 11:23:26 -0800

> There was a scene in a 70s SF movie (may have been "THX-1138" or
> "Colossus the Forbin Project") in which the protagonist escapes into a
> huge "computer". The scene was actually shot inside a telco CO!

THX-1138. Great scene because it is classic 60's telco CO and the
scene was long enough to actually *see* some of the equipment.

On the subject of CO's in the movies, I saw a 60's or 70's suspense
movie that showed a call trace in a CO. It was a SxS exchange and it
showed the technicians running from stepper to stepper writing down
numbers. The exchange looked somewhat "foreign" in that the equipment
wasn't battleship gray and had covers that didn't look Western
Electric. Anyone know what movie that was?

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