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Re: British Strowger SxS?

Steven Lichter (
Fri, 28 Oct 2005 00:21:20 GMT

Dave Hunter wrote:

> Hi Pholks:

> I am looking for either parts to build an SxS demo switch, or for a
> small GEC or other British Strowger PAX for the Telephone Museum of
> Prince Edward Island.


> Now the reason for the preference of British Strowger, is that Prince
> Edward Island's first automatic switch was British Strowger built by
> Automatic Telephone and Electrical of Liverpool, England. The 1200
> line switch was delivered late in 1949 and placed into service on
> February 9, 1950.

> I would like to stick by this theme if possible, though certainly
> wouldn't exclude North American Strowger equipment.

> When children visit the museum, most have never seen a dial phone, and
> don't have a clue how to use them. What a wonderful thing if I could
> have a demo set up so they can actually see the connection taking
> place in the switches. That is why a modern switch wouldn't help - the
> act of their seeing the equipment move through its steps and make the
> connection. The fascination watching as the process happens.

> Now, if we do find a small switch (i.e. PAX), it would have to be
> located in the Maritimes, due to the cost of shipping such an item,
> but parts are another matter -- a bit easier to ship.

> I have been searching for some time on P.E.I. with no luck. It appears
> I am some 20 years too late to find anything locally, but the search
> continues here, too.

> Companies such as GEC, Plessey and others manufactured suitable
> products and exported them to Canada and the U.S. North American
> companies also made small PAX's which would be suitable. I am open to
> anything at this time.

> Anyone know the location of one of these units or parts to construct a
> demo switch in the Maritimes?

> Thanks,

> Dave

The Queen Mary in Long Beach, Calif. has one, but I don't think its
for sale. Some 25 plus years ago I was on a crew that hooked it into the
GTE switch in Long Beach.

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