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British Strowger SxS?

Dave Hunter (
Thu, 27 Oct 2005 16:10:17 -0300

Hi Pholks:

I am looking for either parts to build an SxS demo switch, or for a
small GEC or other British Strowger PAX for the Telephone Museum of
Prince Edward Island.

Now the reason for the preference of British Strowger, is that Prince
Edward Island's first automatic switch was British Strowger built by
Automatic Telephone and Electrical of Liverpool, England. The 1200
line switch was delivered late in 1949 and placed into service on
February 9, 1950.

I would like to stick by this theme if possible, though certainly
wouldn't exclude North American Strowger equipment.

When children visit the museum, most have never seen a dial phone, and
don't have a clue how to use them. What a wonderful thing if I could
have a demo set up so they can actually see the connection taking
place in the switches. That is why a modern switch wouldn't help - the
act of their seeing the equipment move through its steps and make the
connection. The fascination watching as the process happens.

Now, if we do find a small switch (i.e. PAX), it would have to be
located in the Maritimes, due to the cost of shipping such an item,
but parts are another matter -- a bit easier to ship.

I have been searching for some time on P.E.I. with no luck. It appears
I am some 20 years too late to find anything locally, but the search
continues here, too.

Companies such as GEC, Plessey and others manufactured suitable
products and exported them to Canada and the U.S. North American
companies also made small PAX's which would be suitable. I am open to
anything at this time.

Anyone know the location of one of these units or parts to construct a
demo switch in the Maritimes?



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