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Do We Go Overboard for Halloween?
26 Oct 2005 12:02:33 -0700

A society communications question:

I've noticed that Halloween seems to have grown substantially in
importance as a holiday. Years ago it was one night -- -kids went
around and collected candy, maybe a few adults had a costume party.

But in more recent years it seems to rival Christmas as a major
holiday. TV networks produce multiple Halloween-themed shows, run
horror movies throughout the month. There are many elaborate parties
for adults and kids. Costumes and events (public haunted houses) have
grown very elaborate.

It seems society has gone way overboard on this, particularly the
entertainment media.

There are a few subgroups in society that make a very big deal about
Halloween, but I really doubt they can influence the rest of us so


[public replies please]

[TELECOM Digest Editor's Note: I suspect Lisa is correct. Here in
Independence, our annual Neewollah Festival has grown from a single
day in the 1920's ('Neewollah' is Halloween spelled backward) when it
was observed on October 31 as a way to keep children out of mischief
by organizing events for them, to today, an Octoberfest thing which
goes on the last *two weeks* of October; this year from October 19
through October 29 (or early morning on October 30, I guess), and
there is more mischief all this week around town (mostly much drinking
and rowdy behavior) than the kids or anyone else would have thought
possible in the 1920-30's era. To see what all the excitement is
about, check out . With tons of quite
_overpriced_ food from a variety of street vendors, parades,
carnivals, a large and extravagent costume party affair at
Independence Country Club on Saturday night for the more formal crowd
and plenty of liquid refreshment at every tavern in town for the less
formal participants, this is the week which is sometimes known as
'the Mardis Gras' of southeast Kansas. Police have already geared
up for the overflow crowds here all this week. The 8000-citizen popu-
lation of our town about triples or quadruples during Neewollah.

My cats get so nervous and uptight all this week with the mobs of
people roaming aound past my house; I seldom let the cats go outside
at night anyway, and never during Neewollah. They are likely get scared
and run off. Yes Lisa, I would definitly say too much is made of
'Devils Night' each year. At least we do not have trouble like Detroit
has most years, with buildings set on fire, etc. On Halloween itself,
I will sit inside in the dark with my shades drawn and not answer the
door at all. PAT]

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