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Re: 14.4 Runs Faster Than 56k Modem. Why?

Daniel AJ Sokolov (sokolov@gmx.netnetnet.invalid)
Tue, 18 Oct 2005 16:21:01 +0200

Am 14.10.2005 20:11 schrieb

> I only have a 14.4 modem for my dial up connection. It obviously runs
> slow nowadays with all the junk they throw on the Internet. (for
> straight text, it runs great).

> I needed access to some information and went to a neighbor who has a
> 56k dial up. I went to the desired site and to my surprise, the site
> loaded much slower than it does on my home machine. That didn't make
> any sense to me.

Maybe your neighbor has some noise on his loop. Some phones, if
connected to the same line, can severely slow down data.

Daniel AJ

My e-mail-address is sokolov [at] gmx dot net

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