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Re: Recorded Weather Forecast for New York City?

Paul Coxwell (
Tue, 18 Oct 2005 00:30:38 +0100

> I just tried 212 976 1212 from my Lingo VoIP phone and I got a
> recording saying that I can't call that number using my choice of
> phone company, and if I want to call it I should either switch to
> Verizon or call a 900 number that they read twice at "only 99
> cents/min."

I'm getting the same recording on (212) 976-1212, although through my
usual LD carrier I'm sometimes getting the "Eureka Info Highway"
intercept first, just as when calling 976-2828. It's weird the way
they intercept and then complete the call anyway, but 976-2828 works
every time for me one way or another.

I'll pass on that 99 cent/min. offer -- Besides I'm 3000 miles outside
Verizon's local service area and I can't call 900 numbers, so neither
suggested option is much good to me. <G>

By the way,you can get the NOAA recording of current weather
observations (as used by pilots etc.) for NYC on a regular number:
(212) 772-7452.


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