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Re: Dropping SBC For a VoIP Solution -- Vonage or Packet8

Nospam (
Mon, 17 Oct 2005 10:08:43 -0500

On 10/16/2005 5:24 PM, Michael wrote:

> Some of the items that were said about the Packet8 TA are not correct.
> You can set the IP address of it if you're not using DHCP. The BPA410 can
> be logged into and changed via a browser (but I don't know if that is
> the case with the other TAs). The one thing I'll say about Packet8 is
> they have great tech support. I have a special configuration at home
> and I orginally had Vonage and it never worked right because of my
> special configuration but I could never get through to their tech
> support never , never, never, never, never , never, never, never did I
> mention I never , never, never, never could get through to their tech
> support!!

> My advice is if you have a simple configuration one PC and cable/dsl
> modem Vonage will work if and only it plugs and plays the first time or
> if you're good at figuring stuff out. if you have an SMC router thats
> over 2 years old stay away from Vonage or go buy a Netgear, Belkin etc.

> I'm having several problems with Packet8 as well though I hate the
> Caller ID it should be renamed to Caller Number (you don't get the
> name) and I can't use my 2 line phone (hey, that worked with Vonage)
> and call waiting isn't working (the one down side to Packet8 tech
> support is they don't work on Sundays.)

> Michael B.

> Packet8 is cheaper and has better tech support but their features
> AREN'T as slick as Vonage. Packet8 is promising 7 digit dialing come
> 11/05 we'll see!

Please post when Packet8 has '7 Number Dialing' and Call ID/Waiting
with Name'. I have Vonage but am thinking of switching to either
Packet8 or CallVantage.


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