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Re: Vonage and the 500 Minute Plan

Daniel AJ Sokolov (sokolov@gmx.netnetnet.invalid)
Sat, 08 Oct 2005 00:13:35 +0200

Am 07.10.2005 07:16 schrieb Henry Cabot Henhouse III:

> When I signed up with Vonage in December '03, I did the 500 minute
> plan, which was perfect. I seem to recall that all local calls - in
> our case in Los Angeles within the 323 area code -- were included and
> did not eat up any of the 500 minutes.

> Last month was the first time we've ever exceeded 500 minutes -- most of
> those for local 323 calls. I was charged for calls over and above my 500
> minutes, the call detail shows local calls being billed at the 3.9c per
> minute.

> I poked around the Vonage website and can't find any reference to
> local calls being included. Does anyone know a site that may have the
> older Vonage website in storage? An email to Customer Service
> resulted in a stock reply, pointing me to a bunch of faq's - none of
> which seem to answer my question.

Do you have the "Unlimited Local Plan" for 24.99? It includes unlimited
Local and Regional Calling plus 500 Long Distance minutes.

Take a look at this:

It is a snapshot from December 1st, 2003.


Daniel AJ

My e-mail-address is sokolov [at] gmx dot net

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