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Re: Getting Rid of "Legal" Spam?

John McHarry (
Fri, 30 Sep 2005 00:06:48 GMT

On Thu, 22 Sep 2005 12:05:40 -0700, hancock4 wrote:

> Several years ago I signed up for the big PC Expo show in New York
> City. I included my real email address.

> Since then I have received many advertisements for subsequent
> technology shows and from various vendors. Early on I sent in a
> request to remove my name; that request was ignored.

> The promotors of PC Expo are not some "fly by night" basement outfit,
> they are supposedly a legitimate organization. But I am angry that
> they released my email (which was required) to outsiders and that I
> continue to get spam from them. The latest spam came from: ITD
> Holdings <>

> Any suggestions?

Kill file them and their vendors. Report them as spammers to your
email provider and to the various blacklist maintainers, if you feel
like it.

Just because they are a large outfit doesn't mean they don't carry on
some sleazy business practices. Being wealthy doesn't mean you aren't
trash. Nor does being poor and unknown mean you are.

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