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Re: Getting Rid of "Legal" Spam?

A. Berger -- Onlynux (
Sun, 2 Oct 2005 16:29:00 -0500

To get multiple email addresses you only need a domain and hosting and
you can get both for $29 per year.

After this, you can create unlimited aliases for free and if you
follow this system (and some other recommendations) for spam
prevention you will never receive automated spam and very few "legal"


Andres Berger Garcia

Parque Leoncio Prado 285. Magdalena. Lima, Peru
Telefax: (511) 261-3760 -- email:

<> escribió en el mensaje

> A. Berger -- Onlynux wrote:

>> The best way to get rid of spam is always give an email alias to
>> everybody, this way all people will have a different email address and
>> when you want to stop the spammer simply delete the alias, also you
>> will know for sure who the spammer is.

> I do not have the resources to get multiple email addresses.

> Indeed, it would be inconvenient to use different addresses every time
> I did e-business. Usually a company will send a confirmation memo, so
> I would have to keep careful track of multiple addresses. Too much
> trouble.

> Anyway, all of my e-business so far (the little I do since I avoid it)
> has not had a problem until this particular time. As mentioned, this
> is not some little fly-by-night outfit, but a large ongoing business.

> Someone mentioned "Yahoo" offers 'free' email. Are these hard to get?
> Do you have to give information to Yahoo to get one?

> [TELECOM Digest Editor's Note: To get a free Yahoo mailbox all you
> need to do is go to and sign up for one, plus answer
> a few simple questions which are mainly for security purposes. You
> will have an opportunity at that point to sign up for 'enhanced' service
> features (re the amount of space alloted, spam filtering, etc, which
> you can either accept or decline. I have a couple of their mailboxes,
> and they come in handy. You'll also have an opportunity to sign up for
> features like Yahoo Groups ( a sort of newsgroup thing; this Digest
> has a 'group' there), My Yahoo (a home page with news headlines that
> you choose to format as desired), Yahoo Messenger (which is free group
> or one-on-one chat), Yahoo Personals (romanticly-oriented personal
> ads, this last feature is not totally free, you pay to transmit and
> receive email of a more personal nature.) Yahoo has a lot of good
> features, all mostly advertiser supported. You do have to give some
> information, as noted above, mostly for security verification
> purposes. PAT]

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