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J Kelly (jkelly@*
Mon, 19 Sep 2005 14:11:23 -0500

On 16 Sep 2005 05:33:58 -0000, John Levine <> wrote:

>> This raises a question I thought of recently, but had not bothered to
>> ask anyone about. Suppose I start a cell call in local but move to a
>> roaming tower during the call? Does the call get charged as roaming
>> or not?

> I doubt you'd get a handoff in a situation like that. It'd drop the
> call and you'd call back.

I worked for a small cellular carrier about 7 years ago. I would
routinely test handoffs from our network to the network adjacent to
us. Calls can and do hand from one network to another. The company I
worked for billed a call as it was originated. I would make a call at
home, drive halfway across the state (though another carriers network)
and back into one of our service areas, the bill at the end of the
month would show a 2 hour call in my home area, no roaming. I
received the same bills as a regular customer, the only difference was
instead of paying it I would send it to my supervisor and all the
charges mysteriously disappeared :) And they certianly hand from cell
to cell, I would often drive 400 miles in one day testing handoffs
between cellsites while talking to the performance engineer all the
while who was watching my signal stregths in the switch and making
tweaks to the system to make it handoff at just the right time. I
don't miss that job as I hate being in a vehicle.

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