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Re: PECO and PSE&G Power Companies Merger
14 Sep 2005 13:27:42 -0700

> [TELECOM Digest Editor's Note: While Highland Park could be either
> New Jersey or Illinois (I guess, if you say so; I never heard of the
> New Jersey version) in the instance of Bryn Mawr, there is no such
> suburb in the Chicago area. There _is_ a Bryn Mawr Avenue in Chicago
> (and continuing in a near northwest suburb) and there is a CTA
> train stop known as 'Bryn Mawr' (logically, on the street by the same
> name) and there is, oddly enough, a 'Bryn Mawr' station on the
> Illinois Central suburban line on the southeast side of Chicago; but
> no Bryn Mawr as a town or neighborhood around Chicago. There, did I
> leave the water muddy enough? PAT]

Highland Park, NJ is across the Raritan River from New Brunswick. Not
to be confused with Highland Park, Mich, where Henry Ford had his
first big automobile plant

As to Bryn Mawr, sorry about the error. I knew of the stations on
both the CTA and MetraRail, and presumed it referred to a
neighborhood, not a street.

It is a Philadelphia suburb location, located in the "Main Line", the
fanciest suburbs (think of the "Philadelphia Story" movie with
Katherine Hepburn). There are two SEPTA lines that have a Bryn Mawr
stop. I believe it is a Bell rate center (LAwrence 5 ???). It has a
very elite girls college, Bryn Mawr College. However, Bryn Mawr is a
municipality, but rather a part of Lower Merion Township. Until
recently, the telephone CO building had a handsome stone Bell System
logo above the door, now covered with a Verizon sign. Kind of clashes
with the colonial brick design of the building.

As it happens, next to Bryn Mawr PA is Rosemont PA, also SEPTA stops
on two lines and a CTA stop as well.

Along these lines, PECO has a power plant on Barbadoes Island. This
isn't the vacation resort in the Carribean, but rather a small island
in the river outside Norristown near Phila. SEPTA and some businesses
ran a promotion with the prize being a trip down there, their ads
showed a happy couple alighting onto a lovely beach from a SEPTA bus
and train. It was smugly observed that perhaps the vacation
destination was actually the aforementioned power plant island (which
isn't too far from bus and train service); SEPTA didn't appreciate the

Of course, given the sorry state of airline service these days, maybe
SEPTA should be providing air service. Indeed, long ago its trolley
predecessor, Philadelphia Rapid Transit, did try its hand in the early
airline business in 1926. Then again, the mental picture of some of
our favorite subway cashiers and bus drivers operating an airliner is

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