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PECO and PSE&G Power Companies Merger
14 Sep 2005 10:32:32 -0700

The companies claim the merger will result in lower rates.

See KYW report:

PECO = Philadelphia Electric Company, and PSE&G = Public Service
Electric and Gas (New Jersey).

I do not see how the merger will lower electric rates. There are very
few economies of scale. The biggest economy -- sharing power -- was
set up many years ago by the PJM grid.

I think PECO (owned by Exelon of Chicago) is already too big and the
more modest sized companies are more responsive to the needs of their
own communities.

For the present there is the PECO HQ in Philadelphia and the PSE&G HQ
in Newark NJ and they say they'll remain. But after a few years "for
efficiency" they may close these buildings and move everything to
Exelon HQ in Chicago. So, when reporting troubles instead of talking
to a regional representative who has some idea of the area, you'll
talk to someone in Chicago who knows nothing. If you have a downed
wire in Bryn Mawr PA, will then send the truck to the Chicago suburb
of Bryn Mawr IL (or vice versa)? Highland Park NJ or Highland Park
IL? Mayfair IL or Mayfair (Phl) PA? I'm not kidding -- dispatchers
in large centers make these mistakes and homes burn down in the

[TELECOM Digest Editor's Note: While Highland Park could be either
New Jersey or Illinois (I guess, if you say so; I never heard of the
New Jersey version) in the instance of Bryn Mawr, there is no such
suburb in the Chicago area. There _is_ a Bryn Mawr Avenue in Chicago
(and continuing in a near northwest suburb) and there is a CTA
train stop known as 'Bryn Mawr' (logically, on the street by the same
name) and there is, oddly enough, a 'Bryn Mawr' station on the
Illinois Central suburban line on the southeast side of Chicago; but
no Bryn Mawr as a town or neighborhood around Chicago. There, did I
leave the water muddy enough? PAT]

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