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Re: Dear comp.dcom.telecom Readers

Kevin Buhr (
Sat, 03 Sep 2005 02:38:53 GMT

Bruce L. Bergman <blbergman@notchur@biz> writes:

> Oh, and it might be a "Joe Job" smear attempt instead, considering the
> post has the (alleged) full name and address at the bottom.

It *is* a Joe Job, and a ludicrously obvious one at that. Tom
St.Denis is a frequent and valuable (if occasionally rather brusk)
contributor to sci.crypt, and some nimrod he annoyed is obviously
trying to cause major trouble for him.

> I will complain to his hosting company and to Google (his GMail return
> address) but it is much more effective if lots of people do it.

Please don't. The message wasn't written by Tom, and it didn't
originate from Google.

Kevin <>

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