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Re: Global Warming Probably the Reason for Katrina

mc (
Wed, 31 Aug 2005 10:59:24 -0400

> For all its numbing ferocity, Hurricane Katrina will not be a unique
> event, say scientists, who say that global warming appears to be
> pumping up the power of big Atlantic storms.

So now all right-thinking, pardon me, left-thinking activists are
going to say Big Oil caused the hurricane?

Weren't there bad hurricanes in 1900 and the 1930s? Who caused them?

[TELECOM Digest Editor's Note: I do not know about any right- or left-
thinking activists. Yes, there were hurricanes in the past, and I do
not know what caused them. I will suggest, and strongly believe there
is a problem with global-warming. I will suggest at least part of that
problem has come about because there are far too many people on our
planet to support them all sufficiently. I do not think the problem of
over-population has to get to the visual extremes we have heard about
in the past (so many people we each get a few feet of space to stand
in, etc); it can simply get to where our resoures become more and more
scarce. I live in a very small town, and I can go sometimes for a
mile without seeing someone else. Aside from the fact that that _suits
me fine_ I still maintain we have too many people on planet Earth to
support them all. I think we each need to do our share to reduce the
massive consumption of energy needed in our world. I do not know about
any direct correlation between global warming and the disasterous
weather conditions we have experienced in the past few years, but I
strongly suggest there is a cause and effect somewhere. Even if we
confine our search on this to things obvious before our eyes, such as
the changes in weather conditions at the North/South Poles, and the
unpleasant events of this past week, still, there has to be some cause
and effect. The events of this past week and the changes at the polar
regions are just two of the more obvious things for those of us who
are not too bright. A measly little hurricane -- as nasty as it has
been, but still a tiny event in the overall scheme of things -- is but
a symptom in what to expect if things continue as they have.

And it would seem everyone wants to have his own agenda figure into
the process. Ignorant Christians who follow along after Pat Robertson
or Jerry Falwell and their ilk would like to have you believe that
the tsunami at Christmas was "God's way of punishing the world because
of the abundance of gay people in southeast Asia." I wonder how long
it will be until Pat Robertson and others come to the conclusion that
the abundance of gay people in the French Quarter in New Orleans led
to the great Katrinia. All of us have agendas, it would seem, why not
own up to your own agenda on this as well? PAT]

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