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Re: An Exciting Weekend With a Sneak Thief

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Wed, 24 Aug 2005 13:40:01 -0600

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>>>> The problem with checks is that all I need is your routing and account
>>>> number, and guess what? Those are printed on every one of your checks
>>>> in plain human readable numerals. I can print up new checks on my
>>>> computer with any ID on them I want, and your account number. I can
>>>> start passing them around town same as your sneak thief. And guess
>>>> what? I can easily get a fake ID to match the ID of the person I put
>>>> on the check. Checks are terribly insecure.

>>> You also need a signature, at least if you want the money to come from
>>> my account.

>>> Now you obviously don't care if a merchant gets screwed since you've
>>> long since run off with the goods, but for the consumer, it's not as
>>> bad as the above makes it sound.

>> Most banks don't even look at the signature, that is unless the check
>> it presented in person at the issuers bank.

> And they *don't* do any comparasion with the signature card that is
> 'on file'. This has been the case for 20 years or more.

Actually, this is starting to change thanks to computers -- No more
signature card required, but they do sometimes check the signature
against an online image of the signature.

It certainly doesn't happen often, and probably only above a certain
amount, but they do perform checks of cheques in some cases -- I know
because I've had a cheque held while they called a bank officer over
to approve a signature because the signature wasn't close enough for
the rep to eyeball it and approve it.

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