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Re: Local Exchange Not Local in Sylva, NC

Robert Bonomi (
Sat, 20 Aug 2005 22:10:16 -0000

In article <>, Fred Atkinson
<> wrote:

> I recently moved to Sylva, NC to work in nearby Cullowhee, NC (it's
> about a fifteen minute drive (tops) between the two places).

> Our local calling area is between three small cities, Sylva,
> Cullowhee, and Cashiers. Anything outside that zone is long distance
> for us.

> I acquired Voicepulse VOIP service when I moved here. They offered
> Sylva and Cashiers, NC telephone exchanges. I got a Sylva number on
> the 534 exchange. It's been working fine.

> Today, I tried to dial into my home number from work so I could
> check my voicemail. I dialed 9 and then 53 and got no farther. It
> retuned a busy signal. We tried it from several different phones
> and got the same results. I called the telecom guys and told them
> of this dilemma. Despite the fact that I had explained about it
> being from a VOIP provider, he asked me several times if it was a
> Verizon exchange. I told him no, it wasn't. It was a special
> services exchange in the Sylva, NC area.

> He told me he couldn't get it added to the switch without going
> through a bunch of hoops (a number of people had to sign off on it).
> I couldn't believe it. All he should have to do is call their
> provider and confirm that it is a local exchange.

Your place of work has a PBX. Your home exchange is not known to the
'dialing plan' for that switch.

"Company policy" has a problem, regarding handling exchanges assigned
to CLECs.

This is not an issue that _you_ need to fight. See to it that your
*boss* has your home phone number, for 'emergency' use.

Make sure said boss knows that you _cannot_ be reached via a 'company'
phone due to a 'programming problem' in the company's switch.

> Meantime, my colleagues cannot call me at home (from work) when a need
> arises.

Isn't that a SHAME! <*grin*>

You cannot be disturbed on your non-work time, because the company you
work for won't let other employees call and bother you.

Some people would _pay_extra_ for that kind of an arrangement! :)

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