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Re: Local Exchange Not Local in Sylva, NC
22 Aug 2005 08:22:00 -0700

Fred Atkinson wrote:

> All he should have to do is call their provider and confirm that it
> is a local exchange.

What difference should it make if the number is "local"?

Some of my co-workers live across the street and walk to work. Some
live in a different state and have a 90 minute commute. I think every
workplace is like that.

So, in order to call people at home, in some cases they will have to
use long distance.

Anyway, today corporate long distance is so cheap why is that even a

Years ago when toll rates were expensive, PBX extensions had a
three-tier option: 1) interal PBX calls only (most common, esp on
phones anyone could use), 2) outside local calls only (low level
supervisors, secretaries), 3) all calls (big bosses).

Frankly, I don't see what's changed. If a manager needs to call you,
he probably has long distance access already. It's pretty hard to
conduct business today without long distance.

The other issue raised here is keeping switching equipment up-to-date
with new exchanges. This has been an ongoing problem for years since
the explosion of area codes and new exchanges. I believe official
bulletins are issued describing new exchanges and where they're
located. (In the old days the Bell System handled this automatically
internally). Any organization with a PBX that has internal tables
must subscribe or contract with someone who subscribes to these
bulletins and keep the internal tables updated. What happens if a
valued customer gets a new phone number and you can't reach them?

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