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Re: Local Exchange Not Local in Sylva, NC

Fred Atkinson (
Sat, 20 Aug 2005 06:57:56 -0400

> So Fred, why don't you consider making that VOIP number the _only_
> number on file for you with the company. Back them into a corner and
> _someone_ will get the bureaucatic nonsense eliminated there. Give
> them no alternate numbers, no easy way to ignore the problem. PAT]

Well, that same guy called me at home last night. He apparently rang
and hung up before I could speak to him. I used *69 to ring him back.
He told me that he had test dialed my number on an outside line and it
worked. He said he was waiting for his supervisor to tell him what to
do about it.

Actually, that is the only number I can be reached at at home (save my
800 number, which I'm obviously not going to give them). I circulated
a memo to those in authority making them aware of the situation. I
didn't want them upset when they found out about it on the spur of a

On another note, I used to program Rolm PBX and voicemail systems.
Once you got the drift of what was going on, programming those things
was never difficult. I was never Rolm certified. I learned it on the
job from a couple of other certified folks. When I asked about
becoming certified, they said they felt I was already at a level where
sending me to school for certification was kind of pointless. Oh,



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