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Re: Urgent Help Needed With Internet Explorer IE 6.0

Steve Sobol (
Sat, 13 Aug 2005 09:24:17 -0700

TELECOM Digest Editor wrote:

> Using Mozilla I went to a download site (supposedly 'free downloads')
> and paid for a password to download an entirely new copy of Internet
> Explorer 6.0 and Outlook Express. Downloaded it, but still nothing ...
> I am wondering if it is because my index page (I was using 'my yahoo'
> as my home or starting page) somehow got wiped out.

Uhhhh ... you wasted your money

IE 6 is available from this site, it's the actual software and it
won't cost you a cent.

> Can you tell me WHERE to install a new 'index' page ('Documents and
> Settings/Administrator/something? so I can try that method to clear
> this up? Or got any other ideas? And where would I go to make mail
> and all the other links default to mozilla rather than IE?

You can make web links default to Mozilla by clicking Tools|Options in
Mozilla, clicking General, and looking for the option that makes
Mozilla check whether it's the default browser.

> Microsoft tech support cannot help me because I have an OEM serial
> number.

That's right, they don't support OEM copies of windows. The Original
Equipment Manufacturer (the company that built your computer) does;
call them.

> So I am seeking tech support from the readership here. If
> someone will send me email who can help, I will supply that person
> with an 800 number to reach me at by phone so it will not cost them
> anything to call me, and I will be right at the affected computer to
> follow their instructions. Thanks very much!

I'd try downloading IE6 from Microsoft first, but I'm wondering if
something else isn't up with your computer ...

Flatus Ohlfahrt wrote:

> I think I would be inclined to try this one: Microsoft® Windows®
> Malicious Software Removal Tool (KB890830) Here's a pointer to it:

On my Windows XP laptop,Windows Automatic Update installs an updated
copy of this program every month. Or you can go to -- which you should be doing on a regular
basis anyhow if your OS doesn't do automatic updates -- and apply the
security fixes there.

mc wrote:

> What I'd suggest is going to Disk Cleanup and removing Temporary
> Internet Files.

> [TELECOM Digest Editor's Note: I did that also ... it is incredible
> how many files build up in the computer after just one or two days.
> PAT]

I just cleaned up a Temporary Internet Files directory yesterday,
where the user had the cache set to almost 600 MB. Go to
Tools|Internet Options in IE, look for the temporary file settings in
the middle of the page, and click the Settings button - the default is
probably to use quite a bit of space for temporary files and can
safely be adjusted WAY down.

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