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800 Number - Prepaid - Walmart

Jason Vance (
Thu, 11 Aug 2005 13:15:02 -0500

AT&T developed the card (patent #:6694003) primarily as a PRIVACY

Original intent was that if you needed to hear from someone, but did
not want them to know your name or location, you would purchase card,
activate service, and then callers could reach you. Number they
dialed, would route to any number you programmed in. They added a
"follow me" feature which if (for example) you didn't answer at first
location, call would re-route to your back-up number.

PLUS -- 800 service without big set-up hassles. AND near total
anonymity. (I am sure AT&T would co-operate if card were used for
nefarious purposes.

Original thought was that card purchaser would only activate the card
for very limited, very short time, purposes (hence, the cost-per
minute was not really the primary issue).

PS: As far as I know (so far) ... the card and the service is
available ONLY thru Walmart.

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