TELECOM Digest OnLine - Sorted: CacheLogic Announces Worldwide P2P Audio/Video File Format Study

CacheLogic Announces Worldwide P2P Audio/Video File Format Study

Jonathan Hirshon (
Tue, 9 Aug 2005 12:18:08 -0700

Greetings all -- the following news announcement from CacheLogic
details their latest analysis of the actual P2P data traffic worldwide
across the Net, obtained through direct packet monitoring of Internet
backbones and ISPs data streams via Layer 7 packet analysis. For this
study, we determined what kinds of audio and video file formats are
being actually traded on the major P2P networks, on a weighted basis.

The results certainly surprised me -- key details are:

- Overall Mix of P2P traffic by volume, across the 4 major P2P networks:

Audio: 11.34%
Video: 61.44%
Other: 27.22%

- Microsoft video formats represent 46% of aggregate worldwide P2P

- 65% of all audio files by volume of traffic are still traded in the
MP3 format, but a surprising 12.3% are in the open-source OGG file
format (almost all of which are exclusively traded on the BitTorrent
network, particularly in Asia - this last *really* caught me by
surprise, as I did not believe OGG had anywhere near this kind of
market penetration!)

- BitTorrent is increasingly being used for the distribution of
legitimate content.

If you are interested in seeing the complete Powerpoint presentation
with these and other details, just reply back and I will forward it on
to you. Also, if you wish to interview CacheLogic regarding this,
please don't hesitate to call me on my mobile number and I'll quickly
facilitate that for you.

As always, should you no longer wish to receive these missives from
CacheLogic, just reply back and we will immediately address this for



First-Ever, Real-Time Traffic Analysis of File Formats Crossing
Peer-to-Peer Released by CacheLogic

CacheLogic Technology Installed in Tier-One ISPs Worldwide Monitors
Actual Network Traffic, Reveals Surprising Facts in
Audio/Video Trends and Format Usage.

Cambridge, England August 9, 2005 CacheLogic, Ltd. a world leader in
Peer-to-Peer traffic management and network intelligence solutions =96
today published a market study of file formats traversing the
Peer-to-Peer Networks that identifies the formats of choice for audio
and video files among file traders. This first-ever, truly definitive
study is based not on estimates, but on actual packet data and traffic
levels analyzed at Tier-One ISPs (Internet Service Providers)

Using the advanced Layer-7 technology found in both its Peer-to-Peer
Management Solution and Deep Packet Inspection products, CacheLogic
analyzed terabytes of data to discover a number of surprising new
facts regarding Peer-to-Peer audio and video trading across the
entirety of the Internet.

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