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8 Aug 2005 17:50:47 -0700

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Can anyone recommend a solution for the following:

I need to be able to pick up a phone at Location B and get a dialtone
from a POTS line located at Location A

Both locations have broadband. Location A has a cable modem and
Location B has a T1 connection.

Both locations are behind a firewall and or NAT, but I have full
control over the firewall at A (but no control at all at B, I assume
it will pass most anything going out that originates inside the
firewall, so far I've found no protocols it will not pass).

Location B does not need to be able to receive calls, only originate
calls, the calls must be made from the phone line at A (ANI has to
match A's number).

It needs to allow a modem connection across the link. Its probably
2400bps, but I have no way to be sure.

My other requirement is that it needs to be really cheap. My first
thought was Asterisk with a FXO card at A and some sort of FXS device
at B (maybe an iAXy or similar). Asterisk seems like overkill for
this and I don't want to dedicate a PC for this unless I really have
to. Seems like there should be some sort of cheap box out there that
can take a single FXO line and link up to an FXS device using SIP or
some similar protocol across the public internet. If such a thing
exists I have yet to locate it.

This is going to be very low traffic, maybe a couple calls a month at
random times.

Any pointers to get me started are much appreciated.

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