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Re: VoIP Intercom?

Daniel AJ Sokolov (sokolov@gmx.netnetnet)
Sat, 23 Jul 2005 02:56:00 +0200

Am 22.07.2005 20:59 schrieb Scott Dorsey:

> Does anyone have any suggestion for a device that does this as a
> simple standalone device, preferably with minimum configuration? I
> know Telex makes some VOIP modules which can be integrated with their
> intercom frames, but they all seem to require a central switch.

Maybe can help. They've developed a
software for VoIP-phones that seems to be quite clever. The design is
such that you don't need a central switch or something, the PBX
functions are there in any of the phones. It also works as an
intercom. You even get redundancy for the voice box -- backups of your
voicemail are automatically stored in other phones on your LAN. It's
also self-configuring.

I'm not related to Nimcat in any way, but I saw their stuff at CeBIT
this year. It was quite impressive, because it was so simple.

Yes, it offers much more than you require, but I suggest you just send
them an e-mail and ask if they have anything affordable that suits your


Daniel AJ

My e-mail-address is sokolov [at] gmx dot net

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