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Re: Non-Bell ESS?

John Stahl (
Wed, 13 Jul 2005 17:11:22 -0400 wrote about Re: Non-Bell ESS? on Date: 12 Jul
2005 12:11:16 -0700:

> I'm very sure it was a non Western Electric switch. It was made in
> Plano Tx (forgot the maker's name) and it was used for local calls....


> ... The basic pattern was the same-an unexplained deluge of
> electronic messages shutting down a computer built by DSC
> Communications Corp. of Plano, Texas ...

To the best of my memory, DSC, whose name was mentioned in the archive
you added (above), never made any type of an ESS switch, which the
original essage questioned a non-Bell switch. DSC, now owned by
Alcatel (France), made a whole line of CPE including multi-line
systems and even some FO based equipment.

Back before all of the acquisitions and mergers of the late 90's when
Alcatel picked them up, DSC had a fairly strong presence at the "Baby
Bells" but not much at the ILEC's. I was working for one of Lucent's
major competitors then calling on the ILEC's and saw very little of
DSC at the ILEC's.

I never directly worked for DSC but I did once interview for a job
with them for which I did a detailed study of their products and
markets so I could talk intelligently with the interviewer. I do not
remember seeing any local Teleco type #5ESS switches in their product

So I'm pretty sure in relating again that the (only) non-Bell #5ESS
switch back then was made by AGCS which was the creation of GTE and
AT&T to get around the FCC regulations about Bell selling their
equipment into the ILEC market. I do remember something about a couple
of CO fires which were attributed to these switches but seem to recall
there was some lightening connected with the stories.

In later years just before divestiture, Nortel got into the local
Teleco type switch business.

John Stahl
Telecom/Data Consultant
Aljon Enterprises

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