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Re: Amid Crisis, Phones Jammed, But Text Messages Worked

Isaiah Beard (
Mon, 11 Jul 2005 13:17:47 -0400

Monty Solomon wrote:

> After the World Trade Center attacks, landline phones
> generally held up in New York, though there were some congestion
> problems, while cellphone networks were clogged.

Oh *really*? That's interesting. I remember on September 11, it was
impossible to get a call through to my folks down south to make sure
they weren't panicking, either on my cell phone or the landline. And
I was a fair distance from ground zero, in New Jersey at the time.
The landline network most certainly didn't hold up. It was only after
an hour of constantly hitting redial that the folks were able to get
through to my cell phone (and yes, they were panicking).

And last summer during the big Northeast blackout, the local central
office was providing dialtone, but any outgoing calls placed would get
a busy signal, and incoming calls would be met with dead air. Turns
out someone at Verizon did not properly hook up a portion of the
wirecenter to backup power.

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