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Re: Ombudsman on N. Korea Food story
5 Jul 2005 04:02:02 GMT

In article <>, Justa Lurker
<> wrote:

> No one is stopping you (or anyone else) from leaving. So if you are
> so unhappy and dissatisfied here in the USA as you seem to be based
> upon your constant snide comments and whining, then by all means I
> suggest you move to some other country more to your liking.

Ah, yes. "Love It or Leave IT". If you don't like being shagged by the
power elite, well, TS, Eliot! No criticism allowed!

I would point out that the right of dissent is at the core of our
country. If that's not acceptable to our esteemed anonymous lurker
then I invite him to go live in a country more suited to his beliefs.

Oh, wait ... that's what the Administration is making this country!

(not afraid to sign his real name)

John Meissen

[TELECOM Digest Editor's Note: Well, Justa signed his name elsewhere,
and he has been around here for awhile, so his screen name is no
hassle to me. In fact, John, you may come to regret signing _your_
name to most anything sometime soon. It has been well known for quite
a long time now that there are rotten, no-good jackals who read this
Telecom Digest each day _just to harvest any real names_ they can find.
So I do not fault anyone who feels they need to at least camoflouge
their email address these days. If I were not the editor here, and had
to stand in the open as a place for guys to write to, I probably would
hide my email address also -- in fact, in other instances, I do in
other forums, etc. So I seriously doubt that Justa is afraid of any
repercussions from _me_ or this forum; more that likely he has been
eaten alive so often by spamscam he does not give his real name any
more often than necessary. PAT]

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