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Re: Cellular Jamming? Think Again.

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Fri, 01 Jul 2005 22:56:34 -0500

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>> The law should be modestly amended to declare those using cellphones
>> in theaters, churches, and other places of public assembly outlaws
>> subject to pummeling by the inconvenienced other inmates of such
>> assembly. Exception might be made for surviving, on duty, emergency
>> personnel. ;^)

> Here I think there is a market for cell phone *detectors*. Cell
> phones transmit every few minutes even when you're not making or
> receiving a call, in order to keep the tower apprised of where they
> are. "Turn off your cell phone" could have more teeth if equipment
> were in use to detect cell phones that were still turned on.

How do you figure? My phone *never* gets turned off. Period. Not in
theatres, not in churches, not in other places of public assembly.


However, I do set it on do not disturb (Which is a profile I created,
is completely silent, does not vibrate, and routes all calls to
voicemail (although it does still log them on my caller ID)

Why don't I turn it off? Well, in short, I want the calls logged on
my caller ID.

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