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Re: Cellular Jamming? Think Again.

mc (
Sun, 3 Jul 2005 21:17:56 -0400

>> Here I think there is a market for cell phone *detectors*. Cell
>> phones transmit every few minutes even when you're not making or
>> receiving a call, in order to keep the tower apprised of where they
>> are. "Turn off your cell phone" could have more teeth if equipment
>> were in use to detect cell phones that were still turned on.

> How do you figure? My phone *never* gets turned off. Period. Not in
> theatres, not in churches, not in other places of public assembly.

You'd better turn it off on airplanes and near sensitive electronic
equipment when told to. It transmits every few minutes even when you
are not using it and it is not making noise, as long as it's turned

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