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Re: Companies Want _US_ to Pay For Their Mistakes

DevilsPGD (
Wed, 22 Jun 2005 21:35:35 -0600

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> I called my credit card carrier to check my balance. Instead of
> getting the automated answer, I was connected right through to a real
> person.

> He tried hard to pitch me with credit card insurance costing $100.

That's beautiful! The law sets your maximum liability for credit card
fraud at $50, and that's only if fraud occurs. Paying $100/year
whether or not fraud occurs is brilliant!

> ABC News, when reporting on the recent multiple credit card
> information thefts, also mentioned the availability of consumer
> insurance to protect against ID theft. They said it took a victim 600
> hours of time to correct everything and the insurance would cover lost
> wages.

Would cover lost wages 'eh? Maybe the $100/year is worth it then; I'd
sure spend a lot more then 600 hours if they were paying my salary in
the process.

[TELECOM Digest Editor's Note: I think they are a little too tricky to
fall for that, however. They _might_ pay for one or two hours of your
time -- maybe -- but I imagine they would tie it in with getting some
statement from your employer about time off the job. They are not
going to just send you a couple of regular payroll checks however. And
if you took time off from work to cure this 'fraud' was it a situation
you could not have accomplished during regular off hours from work?

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