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Re: Worst Phishing Fraud Attack Ever! 40 Million Cards Affected

mc (
Wed, 22 Jun 2005 17:41:03 -0400

Ed Clarke <> wrote in message

> I went through our credit card bills yesterday. LLBean Visa 27% APR.
> Delta Skymiles AmEx 25%. I paid them both off in full and won't be
> using them again. AmEx charges $15 for an over-the-phone eCheck but
> the INTEREST on the damn card was several dollars per day. By the
> time the physical check would arrive and clear, I would have that much
> in interest.

You will probably find that they still have an amount due the next
month, to mop up finance charges. As I understand it, some cards
charge interest on the average balance for the month rather than the
actual balance, which means they can keep charging interest on a loan
you've paid off!

> I'm about to dump all my Cisco switches (2900 Catalyst series, 5000
> series) and the RAID stuff onto eBay. Simply shutting them down and
> replacing them with a 100 watt ReadyNAS 600 will save me hundreds of
> dollars per month even if I just threw them out.

I remember when Yale University gave away an IBM 370 for just that
reason. The whole new computer cost less than the saving on
electricity from turning the old one off.

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