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Re: Power Strips for Home Networks

Dale Farmer (
Tue, 21 Jun 2005 20:17:43 GMT

Fred Atkinson wrote:

> I suspect that some of you are experiencing this or have already
> solved it. So, maybe one of you can tell me where I can find
> something to solve this problem.

> I've accumulated so many devices on my home network (and some devices
> that are not network related as well) that power strips are an issue.
> Most of these devices have the big 'calculator charger' type of power
> supply that plugs directly into the AC outlet.

> I've been looking for some type of power strip that has eight or more
> outlets that are spaced far enough apart that you can plug all of
> these things into them without overlapping each other.

> Searching the Internet, I've not found anything like this. The best
> is one of those long power strips that you usually install on the wall
> as a permanent part of the house electrical system. I think there
> might be something much better. Or maybe someone has a better
> suggestion.

> Any ideas?

For two pin wall warts, I use these oddball extension cords they sell
for Christmas tree lights. One plug connected to the wall, and then
over the next 15 or so feet of cable, there are three separate plug
blocks with three sets of plugs. This easily accepts six wall warts,
and if I have wall warts that are not polarized, three more can
usually be added. You can also buy more expensive power strips that
have outlets spaced further apart.


[TELECOM Digest Editor's Note: Don't you have any trouble with those
blinking off and on every couple seconds? I used those one time
specifically to make an automatic 'intercom buzzer'. I wired a couple
telephone sets in series with a battery-eliminator in the middle to
do the intercom talking path, then I wired part of the network in
the phone itself to make a connection when either phone went off hook
(so as to activate the 'buzzer' in the phone on the other end. So that
it sounded 'realistic' and the buzzer did not make constant noise
until the other phone was also taken off hook (to answer) I wired that
part of it through a 'christmas tree' socket; the effect was to make
the desired phone go 'buzz ... buzz, buzz ... buzz' until it got
answered. PAT]

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