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SELLCOM Tech support (
Wed, 08 Jun 2005 22:45:57 GMT posted on that vast internet thingie:

> I've been a customer of them
> for four years, but it took four years for me to suddenly figure out
> what an unethical company Sprint is. They're awful. Avoid them at
> all costs!

Well, around here for the Internet and handheld computer / phone they
are about half the price of a similar plan with Verizon, yes about
HALF. In a recent matter they refused to honor a rebate promise made
by their sales person. I simply documented everything and made a
complaint with the state Atty General consumer protection. Suddenly
they have decided to honor their word! Check your state website.

File a complaint, protect the next guy.

Steve at SELLCOM (Opinions expressed are not necessarily the official
opinions of any company though they should be)
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