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Re: Valued Added Caller ID Spoofing

Wed, 08 Jun 2005 09:14:47 -0700

In article <>, T. Sean Weintz
<> wrote:

> Caller ID spoofing services being available to the general public were
> bad enough.

> This service not only spoofs caller ID, it allows you to set up
> automated harrassment! You pick pre-recorded sound bites to play, and
> you can set it up to call someone repeatedly.


There sure are times when I'd be sorely tempted to use a service -- and
it would be against targets that truly deserve being subjected to
automated harrassment.

(The list would include most telemarketers, all spam faxers, and
certain firms with some kind of automated or robot phone systems that
have one of my numbers erroneously programmed into their system and
even if I can identify who the firm is, I can't contact anyone who
will correct the error.)

I guess the only thing that stops me is that I doubt that the Tricktel
people are any more trustworthy or responsible than the people I'd be
going after.

[TELECOM Digest Editor's Note: And did you notice the Tricktel people
do not work for free either; I think I saw on their web site where the
rate for their 'services' ranges from 25 cents up to one dollar per
incident, depending on what they think about you as a customer. Let's
assume you pay one dollar per call made. Can you afford that? I sure
cannot. I think Tricktel also said that depending on how tough things
get on them (in the event of a complaint) they may or may not protect
your 'privacy'. I just don't know you can trust them. PAT]

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