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Re: Can You Disable Text Messaging?
Mon, 6 Jun 2005 19:58:29 -0500

Steve Sobol <> wrote:

>> John Mayson wrote:

>> My wife and I switched to T-Mobile this week. With our particular
>> plan all incoming text messages are charged at 5 cents per message. I
>> receive about a $1 worth of spam per day. I called T-Mobile, but they
>> won't even acknowledge my account exists because I'm not the "primary
>> account holder" as my wife actually bought the phones. She's been
>> sort of busy and hasn't called them herself.

I don't know whether or not T-Mobile can/will disable SMS, but I am a
TM subscriber. They are pretty strict about security as far as my
dealings with them. When you dial customer care from your mobile, you
are asked for your number, area code first, and last 4 digits of the
primary account holder's SSN. They did not used to ask for that.

When you reach a rep, they ask you to verify name and address and
usually (but not always) ask you for your account's password. (I am
not making this up; I have always had a password on my T-M account as
well, which you can also use on their website).


> TM should be no different. It's an account security issue; you DO NOT
> want just anyone to be able to call in about your account.

I'm with Steve; you do not want just anyone to be calling and messing
up your accounts! However, I fail to see how you are getting so much
SMS spam (spim?). I have only gotten 2 since I have been with
VoiceStream, now T-Mobile ... my SIM card is so old, it still says
VStream when I turn my phone on.

Maybe you should demand a new number -- the person who had the phone
number before you may be the party causing your grief ...

Good luck,


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