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Re: Schools Prohibit Personal E-mail Sites

Scott Dorsey (
6 Jun 2005 09:34:28 -0400

Fred Atkinson <> wrote:

> Sadly, they do these things without looking at how it adversely
> affects faculty and staff and what it may deprive the kids of. On the
> latter, ham radio is a very educational hobby and they shouldn't be
> denying the kids access to information about it.

Yes, I think that restricting web access at school and some workplaces
is probably a very good thing. What is bad is that it is usually done
by people who don't know very much about the web or about the blocking
technology, and it is often done by management folks who refuse to
take responsibility for their own actions.

There are other work environments where blocking any traffic is a very
bad thing. I work at a government facility where pornographic sites
are blocked. To my mind, it would be much more effective just to fire
people who spend their workday looking at porn on the internet; in
this case network blocking results in employees being retained who
would be better off gone. --scott

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