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Re: Schools Prohibit Personal E-mail Sites

Barry Margolin (
Sat, 04 Jun 2005 00:39:11 -0400

In article <>, Fred Atkinson
<> wrote:

> Sadly, they do these things without looking at how it adversely
> affects faculty and staff and what it may deprive the kids of. On the
> latter, ham radio is a very educational hobby and they shouldn't be
> denying the kids access to information about it.

Who do they need to use school equipment to pursue these hobbies? You
do school work on school equipment, you go home and work on your

Unfortunately, recent activities and community attituted have forced
schools to attack problems with very broad strokes. They institute
"zero tolerance" policies against drugs (which causes problems for
diabetics -- many schools prohibit them from carrying insulin), sexual
harassment (resulting in kindergarteners being suspended for kissing),
etc. because they don't have the resources to make case-by-case
decisions. It's hard to demand safety at the same time as public
school budgets are being cut.

Barry Margolin,
Arlington, MA
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