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Re: Phone Outage Costs Fort Wayne Store to Lose Business

Mary (
Sat, 28 May 2005 12:15:19 -0400

That's an interesting concept -- the same number in two locations?

How does it work? Does it ring in two locations and first to answer gets the

Do you have to pay for two lines and one number?


<> wrote in message

> TELECOM Digest Editor noted as a preface to a message from
> Lisa Minter:

>> [TELECOM Digest Editor's Note: The gentleman who passed this item
>> along to Lisa and the Digest said, in effect, "here is another
>> example of Vonage screwing up." I dunno, it seems more like Verizon
>> screwing up to me. Vonage said to Verizon, or (rather to Choice One
>> Communications, which owns U.S. Exchange) to disconnect _ONE_ line.

(Then Lisa Hancock continued):

> I'm not sure Verizon was at fault here, but I would agree it
> certainly isn't clear that Vonage was at fault either. Accidental
> disconnects have always happened.

> The sharing of phone numbers and allowance of multiple carriers
> does indeed increase the risk of confusion and service interupts.

> If I order a new car but tell the dealer to have someone else
> install the audio system (as many motorists do), I've increased
> the chance of confusion between the car dealer and audio dealer
> and risk of finger pointing.

> I do want to share the experience of friend who repeatedly switched
> his phone service but had no disconnect troubles:

> He tried a different company that advertised lower rates, but got
> upset when they added on a bunch of fees, so he switched back to
> Verizon. Then he decided the other was still a better deal so he
> switched back. Then he moved and wanted the same number serving both
> locations until things settled. The other company wouldn't do that,
> but Verizon did, so he switched back to Verizon, and had service in
> two locations under the same number for a month. I think he's still
> wtih Verizon. All of this happened in a short time without problem.

[TELECOM Digest Editor's Note: Once, when I was moving from one house
to another house in the same central office in Chicago, I had this
same arrangement for a short time. I was keeping the same phone number
in both houses (both in same central office) but over the two or three
day period when I was moving thing from one house to the other, there
was a good chance I might miss an important call, if the phone had
been connected _only_ at one place and I was moving things around at
the other place. Telco just turned the number on at both places and
said to advise them when I no longer needed the service. They billed
me just the cost of an 'extension' phone, a few dollars. Now had it
been in a different central office or a different city, the rep said
to me it would have been handled as an OPX (off premise extension)
and a differnet rate would have applied. PAT]

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