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Re: Switch Identification

Mike Cater (
Sun, 22 May 2005 22:21:11 -0400

Howard Eisenhauer <> wrote in message

> On Sat, 21 May 2005 17:39:42 -0400, Mike Cater <>
> wrote:

>> Recently I switched service providers for my POTS line. We used to be
>> using a WECo 5ESS, with the older line cards (the better sounding
>> ones!). I switched to a cable provider and obtained a landline through
>> them. It's not VOiP. It is routed through the same switch I used to
>> use but it's not homed from that switch. So obviously this makes
>> finding the CLLI of the switch alot harder.

>> To get to the point, while messing around with the switchhook I got a
>> strange busy signal. It's 1600 Hz on for 0.5 seconds, off for 0.5
>> seconds. Here's a wav file of it:

>> If you have any idea of what kind of switch this is,
>> please advise! Thanks.

> Obviously, while playing with the hook switch you managed to connect
> to the gate shack at a construction site- that sound is quite
> definately a '95 Mack 3 ton dump truck in the process of backing up
> :).

> H.

Ha! Hopefully over a DMS 500! Which is what this switch turned out to
be, after some mild detective work. When dialing 00 from my carrier
(RCN Boston), there is an option to place a call and to pay by credit,
calling card, collect or 3rd party.

I asked which company they are and they would not tell me. So I called
back and asked what type of calling cards do they accept, and she told
me Global Crossing.

Wow, that was easy! Now, a friend with VoicePulse VOiP asked me about
a strange symptom on his Caller ID, that sometimes the numbers do not
appear with hyphens. VoicePulse uses Global Crossing, but this same
CID phenomenon was happening on our RCN Caller ID. So, now there is
one more indication that RCN is reselling Global Crossing. Next, a
quick jaunt through tells us that all Global
Crossing calls in 508 are served out of one DMS500 in Boston. So in
other words, the busy is that of a DMS 500. It's probably more of a
dialing error tone than an actual busy, but it's still interesting.

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