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Re: PRI Problems (was Re: 1A2 Help Requested)

Don Bowey (
Sun, 22 May 2005 16:18:40 -0700

On 5/11/05 6:03 PM, in article, "Justa
Lurker" <> wrote:

> Although I suppose a timing/sync problem with clock slippage **might**
> be the culprit, it's funny that it only manifests itself twice a day
> rather than constantly [for severe uncontrolled slips] or at
> evenly-spaced intervals throughout the day & night [for less frequent
> slips].

Your entire post is well done, but the above slightly misses the mark.

Big IF ... If one terminal is timed from a source traceable to a
Stratum 1 clock and the other terminal is clocked from an
unsynchronized Stratum 3 clock, it would not be unusual to see the
stated trouble pattern due to the long-term frequency drift rate of
the Stratum 3 clock. I've fixed a few of these sync problems.


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