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Re: 1A2 Help Requested

Don Bowey (
Sun, 22 May 2005 16:04:11 -0700

On 5/10/05 12:06 PM, in article,
Matt <> wrote:

> Thanks all, for the comments, links etc -- I've gotten several replies
> from the people in this group via email.

> My KSU should be here tomorrow ... and the phones to follow shortly.

> There is a bunch of the 25 pair cable up in the attic of the building I
> work in; I even found one with a female connector on one end.

> Now I'm shopping for a good punchdown tool. Looks like it's going to be
> the most expensive part of this whole endeaveor (Phone: $45. KSU: $55.
> Punchdown tool: $65 - 75).

I'm reading this a while after you seem to have gotten enough info to get
started, but ...

I have the full Bell "Key Systems Service Manual" and can provide some
help if you run into a wall on your project. It contains wiring
configurations for various uses of the Key System, and all the KTU,
etc, schematics. Email me if you need something from it.


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