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Thinking About VOIP

William Cousert (
21 May 2005 11:03:38 -0700

I'm thinking about subscribing to one of the many VOIP services
(Vonage, Callvantage, etc.) and have a few questions.

Are any of these good enough to replace a POTS line? I'll be using it
over Verizon's new Fios service.

Where can I find a comparison of all the available services? I did a
quick google search and found nothing.

Do any of the services offer a discounted rate for a second or third

Lingo seems to offer the most for the least amount of money. Are they
worth considering?

[TELECOM Digest Editor's Note: For myself, I go with Vonage, mainly
because of my advertising relationship with them. I do not know if
that makes them 'better' or not, just 'cheaper' for me. I still have
some Vonage e-coupons good for one month of free service. If anyone
wants to test out Vonage, email me and ask for an e-coupon. The deal
is, you click on the link in the email I send you; it then walks you
through the sign up process of getting a number assigned, shipping
out the telephone adapter (quite easy to install), etc. You use a
credit card of your choice to pay for the adapter and a month of
service. _Then_ the e-coupon kicks in, and whatever service you
bought, you get a second month of the same for free. Email me for
your coupon: PAT]

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