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Re: FAQ: How Real ID Will Affect You

Tony P. (
Wed, 18 May 2005 17:53:11 -0400

In article <>,

> In article <>,
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>> DevilsPGD wrote:

>>> Sure -- I can't speak for anyone else, but I'm willing to deal with the
>>> resulting fallout if I get in a fight in a bar or with my landlord or
>>> whatever.

>> I don't know your personal circumstances, but I can't help but wonder
>> if you don't realize the long term import of the situation.

> I highly recommend reading the opinions of Bruce Schneier, of
> Counterpane Internet Security:


> He has some interesting comments in his most recent newsletter, and in
> earlier essays and his blog.

> john-

Yep, papiren please.

I am opposed to this. Put it this way -- there is already a nationwide
network in place to verify drivers licenses. Any police car with an
MDT in it is more than likely connected to it. That is all that is

This is nothing but a money grab.

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