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Re: AT&T - Cingular - Alltel; They Broke MY Contract!

Steve Sobol (
Wed, 18 May 2005 14:37:57 -0700

I said,

>>> Yes, the cell phone contracts generally allow companies to assign
>>> contracts to third parties. Read your original contract.

The OP replied,

>> I expected this type of answer. And I'm sure _you_ read through your
>> entire contract letter-by-letter, yes?

Well, in fact I did :) Sprint PCS actually prints the Terms of
Service/Privacy Policy/some other relevant stuff in their user
guides. (Unlike other carriers, Sprint phone manuals are printed up
either by Sprint or specially for Sprint.)

Robert Bonomi said,

> If you do not do it, you have only yourself to blame when something in
> it bites you 'unexpectedly'.

to which the other Steve said,

>> I know AT&T had the right to transfer the contract when purchased by
>> Cingular. What I don't like is the regulatory issue that then forced
>> Cingular to divest to some "third party" (in this case, Alltel). What
>> I am expecting is for them to at least continue the options I've had
>> with AT&T.

a) Someone *complaining* about the DoJ forcing competition? We know
the FCC won't do it, it's a good thing that at least Justice tries not
to allow the companies to grow so big that their growth stifles
competition. Give me a break.

b) Exactly what options do you not have with Alltel that you had with
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