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Steve Sobol (
Sat, 14 May 2005 23:09:08 -0700

William Cousert wrote:

> 6. 15/2 service costs $49.95 per month. 30/5 costs $199.95 per
> month. Twice the bandwidth, four times the price. Why such a big jump
> in price? Can you get two 15/2 packages and join them together
> (remember shotgun modems? You could have two 56k modems work as one)?

They probably figure 30/5 will be much more heavily used. They're
billing based on the average amount of bandwidth they expect to be
used, and I'm pretty sure they figure 30/5 will be used primarily be
really, really heavy users.

> 6a. Does the $199.95 package give you the right to run servers? Maybe
> that's the reason for the big increase?

I'm thinking it has to be.

> 8. Has anyone in this group made the jump from Comcast to FiOS? What
> do you think so far?

I'd like to get it. Keep in mind that, as a friend of mine who is a
retired telecomm guy pointed out, once you go FiOS, neither you nor
any future occupant of your home will be able to get copper from
Verizon. They disconnect the copper PERMANENTLY. You can request that
your POTS line not be disconnected, but you have to specifically
request it. And I doubt Verizon will give you the option if you don't. - Apple Valley, CA - - 888.480.4NET (4638)
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