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Spyware ... Ugh!
9 May 2005 15:46:45 -0700

I just got infected with some evil spyware that keeps going to

Does anyone know how to get rid of this thing? I can't find any info
on it on Google or any search engine. It's killing me ...

Adaware and Spybot both did nothing against it.

[TELECOM Digest Editor's Note: You might check out what I use in such
an emergency: Google for something called 'Hijack This'. I have used
'Hijack This' a couple times and it works pretty well. You have to
download it from the net and install it, then on your request, it puts
up a list of your program files and their associated entries from the
Windows Registry. On your command, it takes the files involved and
pulls them out, then rebuilds your registry. Did Adaware or Spybot
even find it (but then ignore it) or not find it at all? Even if you
find and erase some of that stuff, if it is in the registry it may
well come to life again after a reboot. So, let 'Hijack This' snatch
it out of the registry totally.

By the way, that program 'Hijack This' should not be used carelessly
or casually. Truth be told, it scares the hell out of me. You can also
use the Windows program 'regedit' (type that at a command prompt in
DOS) if you know for certain what files you want and how to use
it. You should _never_ get into the Windows registry without
professional guidance as needed, and always be prepared for the worst
when you do such an emergency procedure. You've been warned. Of
course, a _real-man_ would know how to deal with the registry, and
anyway, 'no one on the net (or so a _real-man_ would tell you), want
any changes made on the Internet to eliminate the folks who write
those spyware things' ... 'Its an anarchy, you know' they proudly proclaim
as most of us struggle to keep up and running most days. PAT]

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