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Spam? Scam? What is This? "Make Extra Cash!!!"
5 May 2005 12:18:09 -0700

Looking to earn extra cash for an absolute minimal amount of work?
Well, this is it! NETBUX is the answer.

Go to this link:

Register yourself with Netbux and earn money for just browsing your
favourite subjects on the web! Get paid $0.02 for each search, which
is then deposited to your Paypal account. And better yet you receive an
an additional $0.02 for every search made by your friends, family and
virtually anyone you tell about Netbux. And of course they make money
when they tell other people.

Don't be sceptical. This does work! I've made lots in the last few
days as a registered member. Just for turning people on to this
opportunity and searching a few subjects.


[TELECOM Digest Editor's Note: So, first of all, that ?r=127820 at the
top as part of the URL tells us _you_ will get your two cents worth.
I went over to netbux and looked at their FAQ, their 'policies' and
their registration form. The company went into business just a month
ago it appears. For one thing, you have to do all your searhes from
_their_ search box, and you are limited to 40 searches per day, or
80 cents. But, like any good pyramid scheme, you also get paid for the
guys you can lure into joining you there. A question on their FAQ was
'how do you (meaning the netbux people, I assume) get the money you
pay to us?' They say they make their money by the advertisements
that people view (and I presume click on) when on the netbux page. On
their search box, although there are many search engines to pick
through, the default search engine appears to be Google, and I would
suppose not many of the inquirers bother to change the default, but
you can if you wish.

If this is just a pyramid scheme then all I can say is I am glad I am
a Google publisher and not an advertiser. But, the netbux people say
it is all on the up-and-up and if they 'catch you cheating' you will
not only be suspended from their program, but probably all your
downline will come under much suspicion also. Netbux says they will
pay you for your searches done once per month via PayPal at the rate
of .02 per search X up to 40 per day [80 cents] X 30 days in a month X
.02 per each person you bring into the 'program' _and their searches_
with payout on the 15th of each month when you have at least fifty
dollars accrued. Both the FAQ and the 'program policies' pages are
quite lengthy and detailed.

If anyone wants to investigate this and write a summary on exactly
what the deal is then look at but don't use the
?r=127820 part on the end unless _you_ decide it is a worthwhile
thing; in which case login again and use it so the dude will get his
two cents for your body and two cents for each of your searches. In
any event, do write and tell me what I am missing. I am curious. PAT]

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