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Re: How is Weather Channel Data Delivered to Cable Headend

Neal McLain (
Tue, 03 May 2005 18:25:11 -0500

In my previous message on this subject, I included an erroneous link
for the list transponders carrying The Weather Channel. Here are the
correct links:

List of transponders carrying The Weather Channel:

Format of a typical analog transponder:
AMC-ll tp 13 (3960 MHz, Vertical)

Format of a typical digital transponder:
AMC-10 tp 24 (4180 MHz, Horizontal)

Format of a proprietary digital transponder:
DirecTV 1R/2/4S transponder number unknown

Also, I forgot to mention how closed-caption data is carried. It's
carried on Line 21, the universal standard for such data. It passes
unchanged (hopefully) through the entire encryption/decryption
process, ultimately being decoded by the viewer's TV receiver.

Neal McLain

[TELECOM Digest Editor's Note: Regards closed caption, since I
sometimes these days do not hear as well as I would like, I frequently
leave closed caption turned on (it is an on/off option on my
television set) even though I am also using sound as well (closed
caption allows me to keep up with words I miss or do not understand
occassionally.) But has anyone else noticed how they really _blow it
bad_ sometimes, with trash symbols instead of the words, etc, or
sometimes just approximations of the phrases used instead of the
actual words? And in the case of VCR or DVD movies, I assume the
closed caption is just encoded right on the finished product, is that
correct? And if it is a 'live program' such as a newscast instead of
some pre-recorded stuff, it appears they also create the closed
caption live, since it drags behind the audio by a few seconds. PAT]

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